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  Every construction project has a unique set of challenges. The key is how these challenges are met. There are a wide variety of project approaches to satisfy the needs of clients with various objectives and orientation. Within these basic contract models, a number of variations can be utilized to customize the construction relationship to the special needs of each client. This flexibility makes it possible to achieve the most effective relationships among allocation of risk, control, cost, fees and related attributes. The three primary commercial construction delivery methods are general contracting, construction management and design-build.

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  • General Contracting
    Once the design criteria have been set forth in working drawings and specifications, a general contracting team is chosen. Selection criteria for commercial contractors relate to the general contractor's expertise, longevity in Arizona, financial stability, and ability to deliver personalized service for a particular building project. Longevity in Arizona is very important as firms from out-of-town are not familiar with local subcontractors, conditions and building departments. Look for contractors that can provide full-time project management personnel (many general contractors attempt to staff their projects with personnel working on multiple projects). Budget consciousness and dedication to deadlines are not only technical concerns, but also matters of attitude. Ask any prospective contractor for a list of completed projects in Arizona, including the dollar amount of the project and the firm's exact role in that project. Contractors that do smaller projects are typically not appropriate for larger work.

    Harmony in working with other team members, foresight in avoiding delays and problems, current management software systems, creativity in utilizing new methods of contruction - the differences among general contractors are many. While some contractors will promise the world in order to get a construction contract, the best promise only what they can deliver and deliver what they promise. The general contracting delivery system offers many advantages. These include:

    • Contractor can be selected before or after completion of architectural work
    • Construction cost can be ascertained prior to any construction expenditures
    • Competitive pricing at the subcontractor level

    Construction Management
    A construction management firm is typically used for management of large, complex projects, including projects involving multiple buildings, multiple phases or multiple general contractors or designs. The construction manager's services range from an extension of the owner's in-house staff to active management and construction. The construction manager, involved from the initial planning stage, provides the necessary leadership and helps early costs and project scope. As the team leader, the construction manager works together with the owner and the architects/engineers to direct discussions on user objectives, financial feasiblity, site utilization and other critical criteria.

    Key selection criteria for construction managers includes prior experience, professional team members and systems, estimating expertise and a significant local presence. For large complex projects, the best choice may be a joint venture between two experienced construction management firms with complimentary skill sets. Typically, major construction management firms deploy professional construction management software. The industry prefers open (off the shelf) systems as opposed to proprietary systems developed by individual construction management firms.

    In the design phase, the construction manager has the know-how to help balance functional and aesthetic objectives, while best utilizing your budgetary resources. In the construction phase, the construction manager is involved in estimating, scheduling and managing the actual construction progress, quality and budgets. This process combines the necessary expertise with a focused understanding of factors impacting the progression of a project from the conceptual stage to the certificate of occupancy. The result should be a project that is completed on time, within budget and in conformity with all specified requirement. For firms choosing the construction management delivery system, the advantages are numerous. These advantages include:

    • Professional management of architect, contractor and other vendors
    • Early cost estimating
    • Budget is controlled from design through construction
    • Oversight of design and construction to insure owner goals are obtained
    • All warranties and start-ups at close out are monitored

    Under the design-build project delivery method, building owners and developers are offered a single source where the construction team works jointly with an architectural/engineering firm to provide total management of and responsibility for, the entire process. In this model, a single firm provides all construction, architecture, and engineering services, often using subcontracted firms to provide a portion of the services. This is done by integrating planning, engineering, cost control and construction functions. The architectural/engineering services are provided through in-house personnel or subcontracted professional. This turnkey approach to construction offers the client benefits such as effective cost control and integration of multiple disciplines. There are several advantages of firms choosing the design-build delivery system. These include:

    • Minimizes misunderstandings between architect and contractor
    • Change orders are minimized
    • Greater control over cost
    • Single point of contact for design and construction
    • Guaranteed construction costs can be established before architectural work is completed

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